Pulmonary Rehabilitation - Singing River Health System

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation program at Singing River Health System is a comprehensive program available for patients with chronic lung disease.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a highly individualized program developed for those challenged by their pulmonary condition. Pulmonary rehabilitation is provided at both Singing River Hospital and Ocean Springs Hospital. The program has received certification from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. 

The rehabilitation staff provide a safe, monitored environment for patients to improve their activity tolerance and increase endurance. While each patient will have an individualized exercise program developed to meet their specific needs, every patient receives guidance, encouragement, education and emotional support from the staff. Team members include exercise physiologists, registered nurses and dietitians to meet specific patient needs.

First Visit

A patient's first visit is an assessment consisting of an in-depth review of current functional ability, medical history review, and a timed walk study. After the assessment, problem areas are identified, personal goals are established and an appointment is scheduled for the next education class.

Second Visit

The second visit is a one-on-one orientation session. Patients will be instructed on stretching, warm-ups, and exercise equipment compatible to their current activity level. The heart will be monitored during these exercises; breathing retraining is coached throughout the program. Vital signs are checked before, during and after exercise. Sessions last approximately one hour and are available Monday through Friday at both facilities.

Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits will include cardiac monitoring, obtaining vital signs, stretching, warm-ups, progressive exercise activity and strength training under close supervision. Breathing retraining is emphasized throughout the program.

The program length is different for each patient as our program is specific to each individual.
Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation include: increased physical activity, fewer hospital stays, improved disease management, reduced depression and peer support.

Therapy provided at:

Singing River Medical Park
3101 Denny Ave Suite 130
(228) 809-5308
Ocean Springs Medical Park
3535 Bienville Blvd Suite 120
Ocean Springs
(228) 818-4180