Sleep Study Process

A sleep study can seem scary and uncomfortable. This page will explain some of the sleep study process at the Neuroscience Sleep Center in Ocean Springs and to help prepare you for what to expect.

At the Sleep Center

During a sleep study the patient spends the night under observation at the sleep center.

  • After arriving at the sleep center in the evening, the patient gets ready for bed according to his or her regular bedtime routine.
  • The patient is typically allowed to have any medications normally taken at home, and can even watch television for a while.
  • Each patient has their own climate control.
  • Then it’s lights-out - staff uses infrared lighting.
  • The sleep center staff monitors the vital signs, sleep cycles, and behaviors of the sleeping patient.

For the patient, the experience is very similar to spending the night in a comfortable hotel room.

“We’ve really gone out of our way to get a state-of the art, home-like environment,” said Sleep Center physician, Dr. Christopher Karcher, a board certified neurologist and fellowship trained sleep medicine specialist. “The rooms are really comfortable. They’re more like a hotel room than a hospital room.

  • The next morning, there will be brief consultation with the certified sleep technician who has monitored and recorded the night’s events.
  • Then the patient is able to head home and continue the rest of their day.


  • The digital study itself is then scored and reviewed by the sleep physician. 
  • During a follow-up appointment within only days of the study, treatment options are discussed and a course of action is planned with the doctor.

Sleep disorders can be caused by breathing or behavioral issues, or perhaps a poor sleep environment or a movement disorder such as Restless Leg Syndrome. The doctors at the Sleep Center work with the patients to find the solution that best fits their individual needs and lifestyle. They then follow-up later to make sure the patient’s questions have been answered and the treatment has been effective.

For more information on getting scheduled for a Sleep Study, call 228-818-2530.