Visitor Information

Visitors are welcome to the hospital to enrich the healing process.

General hospital visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when planning your visit:

  • All visitors are asked to help maintain a restful and healing environment.
  • Anyone with a cold, sore throat or any communicable condition should not visit the hospital.
  • Children may visit at the nurse’s discretion and must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Sometimes, due to the nature of the illness, the patient’s physical or emotional condition, or the patient’s preference, visits may be restricted or extended.

Intensive Care Visiting Hours

While visitors are welcome in our Intensive Care Units, special guidelines are in place to assure a restful and healing environment for our critically ill patients:

Only 2 visitors may visit a patient at a time. Children under age 12 should not visit the ICU.

Intensive Care Units are open to visitors at the following intervals:

  • 5:30 – 6:30 am
  • 10 am – noon
  • 2 – 6 pm
  • 8:30 – 10 pm

Family members who wish to remain in our waiting area after visiting hours should contact a supervising nurse for assistance.

Singing River Hospital and Ocean Springs Hospital offers public wireless Internet access. The coverage is for the entire Hospital, which includes all patient rooms and common areas.