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Directions for Remote Access

Access From Inside the Hospital

If you are a provider and access Epic in the hospital, you will want to install the Citrix Hyperspace App located here: http://srhsapps.mysrhs.com

Once installed, you will log in to the site and then CLICK on the Epic Hyperspace PRD icon.  Log in a second time and you will see information exactly how you see it at the hospital.

Access From Outside the Hospital

If you are a provider that does not access Epic in the hospital or if you are physician office staff, you will access the EpicCare link below:

EpicCare Link Site (Portal Replacement)

Request Access

If you are a community physician or physicians' office and need to request access to the hospital chart, please fill out the contact form here and faxing it to 228-809-3072. For questions, please contact Michelle Turner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .