5 Live Healthy Tips

Heart Healthy Recipes - Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Ginger Lemon Cookies

Live Heart Healthy now and everyday:

1. Know Your Numbers - heart rate, blood pressure, choleterol

2. Quit Smoking

3. Increase exercise - American Heart Association recomments 30 to 60 minutes of exercise 4 to 6 times a week. You can do it!

4. Keep your weight in check - BMI should be between 18.5 and 25. 

5. Diet - Cut one sweet out of your diet or add one thing that's good for you. Take it step by step. 

More Tips and Services You Might Not Know We Offer

Health Screening Information - Regular physical exams and health screening tests are an important part of maintaining your overall health. See this guide to recommended screenings.

Travel Medicine - Going out of the country? The CDC recommends consulting a travel medicine specialist 4 to 6 weeks before a trip for pre-travel evaluations and to get precautions and other advisory informatoin for you to Live Healthy wherever you are.  

We have Flu Shots - Protect yourself and your family with a flu shot. $20 for adults and $15 for children. Everyone over the age of 6 months should get vaccinated. See all our clinic locations and schedule your appointment online.

Find a Physician - From primary care to specialists, we have physicians that can treat a wide range of medical needs. See their information here or call 228-497-7470 to find the one you need.